I’m Scarlet, a creative digital designer. Living by the sea. Making beautiful,
empathy led products.

Areas of work


I craft clean and compelling UI designs that not only tell a story but also fulfil user requirements. Focusing on layout, colour, typography, and interactive elements. Producing digital products that are visually appealing, user-friendly, accessible and scalable.


My goal is to create seamless and meaningful experiences that meet the needs of a user. I focus on understanding their behaviour, requirements and motivations. Through research, wireframes, prototypes and testing the aim is to ensure that the final product meets user expectations and business goals.

Graphic design

I have worked on a variety of graphic design projects ranging from print, illustration, branding to social campaigns. Collaborating with agencies, in-house and individuals to create compelling and engaging work.

Get in touch

I am always happy to hear about projects and how I can be of support. If you would like to talk about an idea or simply start a conversation then please get in touch using the following form. Or alternatively you can email me at scarletcummins@gmail.com

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