Reshaping an internal tool


UI & UX design


Indra Technologies

Time period

Seven months

Project Overview

Indra Technologies create EV chargers andDynamo is their internal tool. It is used for customer support, reviewing live data, creating reports and installations. The existing site had been built as an adaption from the previous tool the team had used. The tool is used daily by different teams but due to the convoluted user journeys, a confusing overall structure and inconsistent UI, users were finding it increasingly difficult to use. These became the main areas I focused on improving.

"Scarlet has been a joy to have on the team for the last six months. She took this really complex, and sometimes challenging project from discovery right through to beautiful finished visual concepts. She quickly became a valued member of the product team, collaborating well with developers, researchers and our product manager. We’d love to work with her again at some point!"

Megan Sayers, Make Good Design Co-Founder

The Process

Full site audit
User interviews
Data & table discovery
User Journeys
Wireframes & Prototypes
UI Design

The Outcome

After a thorough process of UX exploration and UI design the new Dynamo design now serves its users creating a simpler and more enjoyable experience. Creating a tool that can serve multiple users with different needs can be a complicated process.

But we were able to narrow in on the shared pain points and create solutions that simplified the overall experience. Focusing on search, the table experience, exporting and allowing the user to move between data points and creating a consistent UI has vastly improved the tool.