Urban Ramblers


UI and UX design


Self initiated project

Time period

On going

Project Overview

Urban Ramblers has been a self initiated project that I have been working on since the beginning of 2023. During the pandemic I found myself falling in love with being able to go out for long winding walks with a friend. Both based in Brighton we found our long walks invaluable for both physical and mental health and jokingly called ourselves ‘Urban Ramblers’.

This project focuses on the creation of a site and app that would allow volunteer guides to share and recommend local walks online. Allowing other keen walkers to find and discover new areas.

The Process

Competitor research
Site map
User journeys
Wireframes & prototypes
Design system & UI design

The Outcome

As a self initiated project it is something I would like to come back to and experiment with overtime. It has been a hugely enjoyable process creating a project without limitations and having the opportunity to be playful with the UI design. The overall aesthetic has been great to build on and see coming together. There are areas where animation and micro interactions could really bring the design to life and this is somethingI would like to explore. I also feel that there is room to delve further into how the UX of the site and app could develop.