Introducing portraiture to the digital world


UI & UX design


Fine Art Commissions

Time period

Two months

Project Overview

During the pandemic, Fine Art Commissions had to innovate and pivot their model to be able to provide a service to their customers remotely. This was new territory for the team and required a user experience overhaul of their site, along with a long overdue restyle.

The problem that needed solving was to replicate their bespoke gallery service online and to revise their UI design to better serve the artworks they have on display.

"Scarlet made the process very simple, for myself and my client, from wireframes to working designs which we would then hand to the web developer. She input creatively and sensibly and was very confident at presenting the thinking behind the design to my client. We were both very impressed."

Robina Newman, Fine Art Commissions Brand Designer

The Process

Full site audit
User Journeys
Wireframes & Prototypes
UI Design

The Outcome

The unique challenge of replicating the bespoke gallery service online was fascinating. With an overarching goal to mimic the welcoming experience of entering the physical gallery. 

The website is now able to service its different users, and has effectively adapted to a digital business model. The end result has opened up a world of new opportunities to the organisation and will allow a wider audience access to their bespoke service.